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…do not think you are free from pain.  There is something not often spoken and it needs to be considered.  You have made great strides in overcoming addiction and are to be congratulated for allowing God to have this accomplishment.  However, there is someone else who is in the picture and is not happy about the success you are achieving nor the wonderful future which has been designed for you.  If you listened closely to those testimonies of persons witnessing how their life has been made bettered, it is often overlooked what they might be going through now.  There is still pain.

The enemy isn’t happy with you.  For so long he has held you in a place he was comfortable knowing you were there.  You have upset him and quite frankly, made him angry and now he will come after you with other means of trying to steal your joy.  Anticipate an old case you forgot which suddenly come to the forefront and consider having to be in the “system” for a while, again.  Anticipate becoming sick and suffering with something no one expected and is not in your family history.  Expect jobs or relationships coming to an abrupt end because of something revealed.  Just because you are with the Lord now doesn’t mean there will be happiness from this point forward.  On the contrary.

Keep in mind this one important thought:  God knew all of this when He brought you to where you are now.  This is not a surprise to Him what you are going through and He has already given you the strength, courage and means to go through it.  What you have recently gotten over was to give you the strength you need now.  You have all you need!  This is what you must keep in mind.  You especially have the character now to not fail.  I didn’t say you wouldn’t become disappointed, but you do not have to fail.  We are here for one purpose only and that is to make it into the kingdom of God.  Nothing else matters and if you keep this in your thinking, whatever may happen to you is all done to continue pushing you forward until you are where you are supposed to be, with Him.

 Let your comfort be in Him and in nothing temporal and faulty.