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The warm weather ahead, nights filled being outside, music in the air, children playing, grilled food, exotic tropical drinks, this is what I think about when this day arrives.  While being, “out there”, I couldn’t experience all the things I mentioned because I was too caught up in the madness of addiction.  None of those things which brought true happiness was noticed because I was constantly on “the mission” to scope out a new supply which would exhaust all my senses.  Even the summer nights, which I really enjoyed, were about being not caught in the middle of the night trying to make one more purchase before the light would catch me.  I missed so much.  We missed so much.

Today, I can experience those things which brought me happiness.  I will look forward to this June, not because of anything in particular, but because I am older and wiser, and know how to appreciate the simple things of life.  Perhaps like you, uncertain of exactly what will happen, where we’ll go and what we’ll do, but we have a “hope” the God we serve has already provided for us.  I’m sure there will be some sad moments but we’re no longer compounding the sadness with the stupidity of addiction.  When we see people who are still, “out there”, it will be a reminder where we came from and not where we are headed.  When we stop to get a cool drink from a store, we’ll keep in mind there was a time we would have liked to do this but couldn’t

Make it a plan to spend time with good people and share your story of success.  Tell them what this summer mean to you and how you are looking forward to enjoying each day.  Make a point of spending some time outside today and taking in all the smells, sights and wonder of being alive and living your life clean of substances which hurt you.  It’s not about money, things and excitement by entertainment.  It’s about realizing who you are in the scheme of God and knowing there is so much more awaiting you, but it begins by enjoying today.

 People say you cannot appreciate the sunshine without the rain.  We made our own storms, so let’s now make our days beautiful and radiant.