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God has made you a promise He is able to heal you of your addictions.  That is a statement which contains so much power.  God has made a promise, and He does not go back on His promises.  He has also made conditions upon which these promises are fulfilled in your life, and when you fail the failure rest totally with you.  You cannot claim God is not doing what He said making Him a liar, and when we fail there are consequences which has to take place, and just as His promises are assured, so are the consequences of failure.

There are no gray areas with God.  Either you want Him to participate in your life and reap the benefits He is known for offering freely, and abundantly, because He loves you, or you reap the wrath He is also known for.  There will be a group of persons who will just refuse Him and refuse those good things He has already brought to their lives, and their last existence will be a sad one indeed. 

It becomes very sad when the One who has given so much to them, and they have acknowledged it, turn their back on Him, as if He doesn’t exist, and then portray Him in a false light because of their disillusionment, and try to tell others God is either non-existent or a liar.   So their statement is, “either God is false or I am.”  God is not false and very clear what He is offering to those who want Him.  He will not allow you to continue living in the manner which is filled with evil and pain and not offer you a way out.  Either the way can be a heavenly or it can end resulting in Hell.  It’s always been our choice.

 God is and has always been friendly, so why reject Him any longer?