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I had an experience of recent which taught me a valuable lesson about not living in the past.  To reflect on anything which could be harmful to our future is foolishness.  We have covered so much ground and have had so much success it just doesn’t make sense to encounter those things we have left, “out there” if they will be an impediment to our welcoming and hoped for future.  Just let it go.  Those people, those arguments, and those hurts which can hurt our thinking, we just need to let them go.  There is too much ahead which will make life so much more pleasant and this is where we should keep our concentration.

Forgiveness is a big word which is very simple to accomplish in practice.  It means no longer holding who was responsible for an act against you.  It does not mean you have to develop a future relationship with the person because in many cases you cannot.  What it means is the past relationship can die leaving an opportunity for a future relationship to grow, if it takes place, but nothing can move forward when you are constantly reviewing what should be passed.  This might mean family and friends.  This might mean jobs and careers.  This means even you.  Leaving bits of you where they are and picking up the remains and treasuring them as you continue to develop into something wonderful which God has planned for you.  He cannot do it if you continue to delve into something which He doesn’t,  the past, because there is no past with Him.  He’s only concerned about you, today.

Gain strength from knowing what you have today is enough for today.  Pursue life for all it is worth and make as little noise as possible about what’s going on with you.  God has provided some very close friends, now, for you to confide in, to pray with and share your hurts.  The hurts of tomorrow will come but you have to have room for them and you won’t if you are constantly crowding your today with yesterday.


God realizes those things of the past have hurt us, but He is here to give you a future and a hope for today.