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…what you have, and sadly, to say.  They will be lost and it didn’t have to be this way.  Reflect a moment and think how easily you could decide to leave and return to your past ways.  It’s that easy to do just as it is easy to make the decision to want better for yourself.

What makes some decide to desire better and others refuse it?  All are given the same opportunity and grace, but what made you make the decision to stick it out to this point?  If you say, “God”, doesn’t He apply to everyone else?  So, what is the truth regarding your own acceptance versus those who decline the gift?  I think this will remain a mystery but it is certain we should be glad we are in looking out instead of outside looking in.  We have a chance to attain happiness, much more than we’ve ever had.  Once we have accepted clean-living and committed to never returning, “out there” we have a better appreciation of life and the beautiful parts of it.  It may sound a bit corny but now we begin to notice the flowers and smell the fragrance.  We begin to notice people for who they are and not as a target.  Life is so much better and we have it today.

And again, just as easily we can give it all up.  We can throw away everything which has been done for us in a moment and return to an agonizing existence.  I think, too, we have to get past the point of thinking we can combine the foolishness of substance abuse and the nice feeling we get and keep all the blessings of life, too.  We must get past this thinking because it doesn’t exist.  One takes from the other and you have to decide which ultimately must go.


If anything must go and deserves to go quickly, it is the life we know which has hurt us and didn’t care anything about us.