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…think about doing it?  He hasn’t changed His position being with you and loving you and caring for you.  He is still very much interested in all you do; but, are you interested in having Him around you when you are thinking about doing it again? Do you think about the fact He is right here and right now and you are doing your best to put Him behind you because you have no time for Him just now?  Are you growing weak and can’t stand the thought He knows you so well so you will just ignore Him and pretend He isn’t there at the same time you are contemplating your mess?  This is the problem we all face and if you have any type of conscience, it will disturb you.

This is the relationship we have now with Him.  There is a love relationship between you and God which cannot be overlooked.  Every time you are thinking of “stepping out” He knows it and He is doing what is necessary to convince you it doesn’t have to happen.  I’m experiencing a moment of this even as I write, so I know what I am talking about.  Thankfully, it isn’t about substance abuse but another old habit which raises its ugly head from time to time.  Perhaps I’m experiencing it now as I write so I am not only helping you but myself, too, because it is so fresh.

It should now be obvious as long as we keep Him in front of us and dare not ignore Him, we will be much better off.  It’s not like He doesn’t know what you are contemplating.  He does.  If we begin to treat Him as the Best Friend He desires to be in our lives, and recognize the help He brings, doesn’t it make sense to discuss this moment of temptation now with Him instead of praying and asking for repentance later?  Wow, that made so much sense to me, just now.   So, I’m going to take leave now and start my prayer and if you’re in a moment as I am, this is your time to pray, too.


Lord, I pray for myself and my friend reading this because we both need strength to overcome what is trying to have rule in our life.  We don’t want it.  We want You.  Amen.