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Sometimes when you are in a down mood and not quite sure of what is happening in your life or what you should do, we have to remember the past and how God has directed you.  It is no mistake you are where you are right now.  God has purposed this for your life and you must believe this.  If you are worrying about those things which you really have no control, then you are wasting good time and missing what God is doing for you now because of you’re not trusting Him.

Did you have something to eat today?  Did you sleep comfortably well last night?  Were you able to put on clean clothing and are you able to call someone and let them know you are okay?  Then you’re doing pretty good as opposed to where you were at another point in your life.  Remember?  Have you forgotten already what God has done to bring you out from that life of pain and disgust?  Don’t forget.

This devotional, this morning, is also for me as I ponder what God is doing for me and where He will take me next.  I remember how He has worked it all out since my days of wondering because of addiction, and the depressions and attempts to end it all, yet here I sit this morning with breakfast, having slept comfortably, and in a much better state than I was when He found me.  In fact, my duty today is to await the plumber to fix some plumbing.  Imagine that!  There was a time I lived in places where there wasn’t workable plumbing.  Yes, I’m doing pretty good today.  And, you, too!

  It is natural to feel down and unsure, but it is not natural to stay this way.