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God doesn’t give you those promises because He said He would, and because He promised to do it.  It doesn’t happen without some involvement on your behalf.  You can’t just lie around saying, “God said He would do it.”  Yes, He did and He will but you must do something to get it.

Because we have God’s promise, this should generate within us motivation to work for our own recovery.  We need to meet with Him frequently to know how else to please Him, if we’re looking at this properly, to seek His guidance in every aspect of the time we need to get well.  This is work we must do on our own behalf.  This is a partnership.  God won’t do for you what you are able to do for yourself and it is for certain, you cannot do what only God can do.  Again, we must, God and you, work together in order to achieve the goals the both of you have set out to accomplish.

For some, it will be an instantaneous recovery and for others it will be necessary for time to elapse and agonizing moments, too.  This is fine no matter where you fall in this challenge, but whatever you are faced with is yours and you must take ownership.  We should realize because we have a God who is interested in us and definitely in our health and is so involved with us, this should encourage us to do more for ourselves so we can be placed back on the field of action.  It’s time to get up every morning with a freshness and commitment to move to the next step of our life and recovery.

If you are not moving forward there is only one other direction you are moving.