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Perhaps you’re wondering, what is the real difference in the message of recovery I present?  What makes what I believe and teach truer than those many which are more familiar?  It is simply this:  God.  Secular methods of sobriety are meant to cause you to stop picking up.  My belief is, unless you have a change within your heart, no matter what human tools you invent and utilize, true clean-living is never achieved otherwise.  You will continue to think about it, you will continue to dream about it, and eventually, whether in actuality or mentally, you will continue to be a user, if not the substance you are most familiar with then something will replace it.  Just attend an AA, CA or NA meeting and watch before, during a break and after the meeting the many who trade one addiction for another:  coffee, smoking or sweets.

I have come to the conclusion it is not what we do which absolves us from our addictions but what is done to us, and we have no control of this.  It is by believing and accepting divine Help from God which has the only power to cleanse us from addictions and replace the urge with a changed point of view; simply, your heart is not the same anymore.  You will no longer desire or have an urge to use substances again.  There is no need to avoid persons, places and things.  There is no desire to replace the bad with something less bad.  You can be a totally cleansed person.  This is the difference between Secular vs. Christian Recovery.

Society is correct when they say, “once an addict is always an addict”, or, “there is no cure for addiction”.  There isn’t if you are placing your faith upon them and their lack of being able to provide you a cure.  I’m sure if they could they would do so, but the fact remains they are unable to bring anyone to a “wholeness” of life.  The only true answer is God.  He is more than able and willing to bring to anyone who wants it to a “holiness” type of life which far supersedes anything ever imaginable.

When you were, “out there” and had the choice of a little or all, you chose having it all.  Why not have it all with a freeness from addiction, too?