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The Bible says, “do unto others as you would have them do unto you”.  This verse can be extended as, “God will do unto you what you have done unto others.”  When we are involved in our sin, we see the judgment of God in various ways.  We might see them with skin cancer, a limb missing or some other type of deformity, or result of decaying flesh because of the things which were done.  This is how they will pay for their bad judgment and choices.  God permits us to see these things, as a warning, it can be put upon you if you continue in the same way.  When we see these evidences of God’s judgment it is given so we might have a chance to repent and go the other way and not be subjected to them.  But many of us were on the brink of not caring, pushing forward in our madness of abusing ourselves and others.  It is any wonder why we look as good as we do.  Why we still have our teeth, hair and eyesight.  Why we can think properly and speak clearly.  God has been good to us.

I mentioned a limb missing and skin cancer/destruction because I witnessed these sights while, “out there”, and instead of being repulsed in a constructive manner, I almost pretended I didn’t see it and only concerned myself with the next hit.  How sad I was.  People are hurting very deeply and we need to realize it is only the power of God which kept us thus far.  Many of us may have scars of our addiction to carry with us for life, but we are certainly in a much better place than those walking dead.  Harsh words? Yes, perhaps, but isn’t it the truth?  Many of them were dead but just didn’t have the sense enough to lay down.

When we have an opportunity of returning to the street to feed others or to share hope, let’s not be repulsed by what we see but acknowledge how good God has been to us, and take gladness in having accepted the warning never to go back.


We have been blessed.  There is nothing more but simply, we have been blessed.