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One of the convictions God used to help me understand how dangerous my addiction was in regard to my treatment of women.  If you are a woman, consider the opposite.  How did you use men to further your sinful appetite?  For me, whenever I wanted to get high I looked for a woman because I wasn’t, “out there” every day, while she mostly likely was and would know where to get the best stuff, and where we could go to use.  I am thankful I never used drugs to have sex with a woman but I did want to see them and I wanted to be seen by them.  God put it to me this way, “How many women decided to quit, because I am working with them, and you came along and changed their goal?  How many families are affected today because you kept their daughter, mother, aunt, sister, “out there” for just one more day which may have caused them NEVER able to make it back?”  Wow!  How many brothers, ladies, have you enticed to make another purchase, God convinced to leave and go home?

I am my sister’s keeper.  How many died, “out there” and I was the tool in the enemy’s hand?  It is sad when I think about it and I am very sorrowful for this.  This is the reason why I am praying God to use me to get involved in women’s ministries, to make amends.  We need to take account of who we are and how we have affected others and keep this in mind when next we want to leave the safety net where we are today.  I never had this to happen but came close, how many have I given something and they passed away?  You might as well had put a gun to their temple and pulled the trigger.  “Their temple”, let’s consider for a moment.

We are “temples” of God.  How dare we corrupt our own bodies through these ways and then be the factor of others doing the same!  How dare we be so bold as to be instrumental in the destruction of another temple where God wishes to dwell?  Do we, “got it like that”?  Yeah, we do.  We have that much power over others.  We need to reconsider and make it right.


We need to go back in our minds and recount each one who might still be, “out there” because of what we have done.  We have a duty to pray for them, if they are still alive.