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…I certainly would not have…

We say this when we heard the Children of Israel’s experience being at Mt. Sinai and receiving the Ten Commandments and the sound of God’s appearing.  Even before then, the opening of the Sea allowing them to pass through.  The other story which stands out, the three young men walking out of a fiery furnace and we say to ourselves and others, “If I had seen that, no way I would be going back.”  We’re just convicting ourselves the moment those words leave our lips.  Others are looking at us and wondering the very same thing.  God has created some masterful miracles to keep us during our time being, “out there”.  We have no idea of the many times He has saved us, never mind the times we are cognizant of.  God has performed similar miracles, if not greater, for your own very life.

And yet, we put our confidence in meetings, sponsors, societies and we give our time, money and testimony of how these brought us through.  They couldn’t, didn’t and wouldn’t.  It was God who brought you through and none other deserves the credit.  God uses these agencies to help us because we wouldn’t have believed Him if He did it directly, and He would have, too; but for your own unbelief He’s had to use these resources; and yet we want to credit these resources instead of the Resource.  We’re just like those people we said we would not be.

It is time now to give credit unto Whom credit is due.  God is so deserving of our time, money, ideals, and our life we could never repay Him for what He has done for us and continues to do every moment of our lives.



You were there at every instance when God made a miracle for you.