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…Much is required.

This is the contract we’re under and to break it, the penalties are very stiff.  When you have a moment to reflect, consider where you are versus the others who are still, “out there”.  Why you?  Why are you the one who’s made it in and not someone instead of you?  God has given you, You, YOU an opportunity to come inside out from the cold.  He’s chosen you to become better than what you were and offer you “life” in a way you can only imagine.  Do you have an imagination?  Use it!  What do you want to do?  Where do you want to go?  What do you want to be?  Who would you want to be involved with?  These are only possible—now, because of what He is doing in your life—today.  Why throw this away?

Because He loves you and wants to offer you so much, to walk away would be the worst thing you could do.  Sure, sometimes trying to live and do the right thing isn’t easy, but was it easier being, “out there”?  Aside for the few minutes having your addiction fulfilled, what about the moments before and after?  Are those times worth going back or staying right where you are?  How many others who are, “out there” would love to trade places with you but unfortunately perhaps their time is finished.  Isn’t this a sad thought?  They’re finished and many of them know it although there are many others, “out there” who are finished and don’t know it.  But you, on the other hand, have been given something which will take you into something wonderful if only you will accept and let it happen in your life.

Am I talking fluff which is meaningless although sounding good?  Well, I don’t think so.  Just like you I am waiting for my own time when God will bless me in such a way, which will be so much, I can show you how He’s done it in my life.  This is what gets me up in the mornings, sitting in front of this laptop and writing.  It’s for the both of us.  I’m trying to live up to my opportunities.


The worst place we could ever be in our experience is when we start a sentence, “You know, I could have…”