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Are you one of those persons, too, who need to be reminded often it is not about “us”?  It seems this is my situation ever so often.  I begin to lose focus and it becomes, “I”, “Me”, “Mine”.  I am thinking about what is not happening for “me”, and what ultimately happen is God is not getting the best effort from this “me” who “He” has put into place to do what it is I am doing today!  So consequently, I am filled with anxiety, despair and question what it is I am supposed to do.  At one point we’re giving thanks for Him giving us a future and yet question where it is leading because “we’re” not getting what “we” think “we” should be getting.

God has nothing but good to send our way.  We really need to sit and re-evaluate what is important and continue to give “Him” thanks for what “He” has done and is continuing to do on “our” behalf.  Right now, my stomach is full.  I just put on clean clothing.  I recently returned from going out and had access to a car because it is raining.  While running errands, I encountered an unexpected expense but it was handled because “He” made certain I had what was needed.  Does it get any better than this?  What more could we want which is really needed for the time?

Our addiction(s) were pulling us down.  We suffered and didn’t think there would be anything good left for us and many of us gave up and tried to leave this life on our own attempts.  God caused us to fail because He could see what we could not.  He held out “hope” to us when we thought there was none.  We are at such a better place than we were back then and we need to keep our perspective in focus.  It isn’t about us, it’s really all about Him.


When you are going through a moment of difficulty in your life, try and understand if it is because you are getting in the way.