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Hearing God speak to you will come in various ways and will not come just because you want it to do so and in many cases, will not come in the way in which you desire it.  You cannot advise God in which manner to speak to you.

Let me share this with you.  When I wrote “The Addict’s Devotional” and began using it on my website, the day you see today, “May 9” was actually written March 27.  However, the one which is really March 27 and posted on my website, although written some previously earlier date was very necessary for me to read it on March 27!  The night before, I spoke with my writer-colleague letting her know I was dealing with depression.  I didn’t know what to do and wondered what I had done was maybe something not “God-ordained” but what I wanted to do.  I was not getting any reaction to my work, nobody was calling saying, “come over here and speak with us”, and my book, “If You Send Me, I Will Go” was not making the public acclaim I dreamt it would.  Even my friends weren’t buying and those who did, I hadn’t heard back from them.  GOD TELL ME WHAT IS GOING ON AND WHAT DO YOU WANT ME TO DO!!!  This was my prayer.  I wondered what was going on and should I be looking for work in a more serious manner to provide for myself because what I had done with much effort the last three months didn’t seem to be paying off.

Then today, I read what I wrote for March 27 and received an answer.  Why not turn to it and see if it could be answer for you today?  This was the manner which God chose to speak to me.  He used me to do it!  Now, that is fascinating.


Although we hear the phrase, “You’re not alone and others before you are dealing with the same” is not very comforting.  Just know this, God has you in mind right now.