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Are you thinking of leaving?  Is it because you think you cannot do this?  Or, is it because you still want to be, “out there”?  Well, not really, “out there” because you understand the price, but you just want to do something for “a minute”.  In truth, just how long will be this “minute”?

You have no power to bring yourself back in when you’re done.  It was an act of God you are sitting where you are right now.  It had nothing to do with you other than this fact, God loves you.  He has moved all heaven and earth to get you right where you are NOW, so the question remains, how long will be this “minute”?

You know now, or should know, if you step outside that door you are going to be caught up in such a mess.  You would have given up your ability to control what is happening to you right now, and put your control into the hands of those who will want to rule over you and keep you in submission to what they want from you.  And, you know this, too; when they are finished with you, you will be discarded along the curb as a piece of trash.  Actually, trash can have a purpose.  It can be gathered together and then placed inside a furnace and burned creating fuel to turn turbines which generate electricity.  What will you produce?

You have an opportunity to produce some very useful projects for yourself and others by remaining where you are.  The alternative?  You could also be used for fuel when the time comes for this earth to be destroyed.


The choice is up to you and it has always been:  you can be fuel for the blessing of others, or you can be fuel which is wasted and burned.