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I read a sign on the marquee of a church office building, “Whatever God has called you for, He’s provided the qualifications”.  God has a plan for your life and the most unbelievable part of it is you’re being equipped in ways which you do not understand.  There may not be a formal classroom environment for you.  In fact, the classroom for us is not necessarily the classes you attend now in recovery but when you were out in the field.  You were involved in some very intensive learning you cannot possibly receive in the classroom.  You were involved in people’s lives in such a way which can only be gotten in the field.  This is the experience which has given you qualifications no other can have.

God has not called you to come in out of the storm and not be of assistance to someone.  It is all about a thing called, “ministry”.  When Jesus healed, several times He told them, “Do not tell…” because His own time was not yet; but, this has changed.  We are to tell others what He has done for us, when it is our proper time to do so.  In fact, we are required to do so.  When He has fully prepared us from what caused all of our life’s problems, we are to extend the same hope to others as was given to us.  No one can reach those people in the hovels of death where we once lived and thought we flourished.  God was preparing us even then when we were the captain of our own fate.  God never left us.

Watch how the doors will open and opportunities come which will direct you in the way you must travel now.  Instead of waiting for the good stuff to arrive, you will be bringing the good stuff to those who need it the most.


Everything we have done will not be wasted.  Even sin, when turned inside out, can be a blessing to someone else.