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In the beginning of your recovery ministry, you will hear from God in many ways.  He will speak to your through His Word, through His minister/director, through the assigned staff, through friends who truly love you and even through the various chores assigned you.  God will seem to be having a constant conversation with you.  At some point, the conversation will seem to end and although you will yearn to hear and keep the relationship going as you have learned to appreciate, it will seem as if God is silent.  You will begin to wonder if you ever had been associated with Him as you thought and doubt, fear and sometimes even anger will exist in your heart.

What has happened?  This is the time of growth.  The time of faith.  This is the time when all you have heard is put into realization.  You have heard all along He never leaves you, so why do you think you are being left now?  This is something you must go through and will have to do so in order to realize the one important fact, you are growing now toward God.  This is the time to reach out to Him, stretching yourself to reach the hand which is still extended to you but perhaps just not as clear as it was before.  You are experiencing the same experience Jesus had on the cross when He asked, “Father, why have You forsaken Me?”  Although He couldn’t see His Father, God was right there, shrouded in the darkness.

During our darker moments, recognize you not only have God but also Jesus and the Holy Spirit who are with you.  They are your support and your shield and you must acknowledge them.  It is your humanness which is crying and that’s the way it is supposed to be.  For us, we will not recognize we really need Him until He steps away for just a moment, out of our apparent view, so we can actually have a better look.


It is in the moment of darkness when we really see God.