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The economy of this country is not very good right now.  For so long we have enjoyed plenty and now many are losing jobs and homes.  They don’t know what to do and each day is filled with anxiety, fear and depression.  Although we are serving Him today and have been separated from the sin of addiction, this does not qualify us to receive any special treatment.  We, too, are suffering because the economy doesn’t see us any different.

Oh, for sure, we are not worried about losing jobs and homes because for many of us we don’t have those today anyhow.  Many of us haven’t really worked in months never mind years and homes?  Where we are today is a great improvement from where we were just yesterday.  Those things the majority of people are going through now are just but a taste of what we already have experienced.  For us, what we will experience now are “trials” and not the “judgments” the others are facing.  God is definitely looking out for our welfare and will continue to bless us throughout any bad times this country could possibly face.

What we must also keep in mind is things regarding the world will not always be good.  We know as we draw closer to the last day things will become very dismal and bad.  So, if what we are experiencing as a nation is leading to this time, we should live our lives in an expectation our salvation, which God began in us by bringing us off the street, is soon to be realized and we can be very thankful God did it.  He’s now preparing us to meet Him.


People fear they will go to Hell.  Funny, it is where addicts have lived during their addiction.