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Wondering what God is doing in your life, again?  It seems to be a revolving situation which keep arising time and time again.  Sometimes it is difficult to just “let go and let God”.  We think we should be doing something.  What we have difficulty doing is seeing we ARE doing something.  We ARE living a life much differently than before.  We ARE blessed but we just feel a stirring within us something is either about to happen or amiss in our lives.

Why is it so difficult to trust God?  Why?  Is it because we are quite aware of ourselves and so we project our inability to trust ourselves onto Him?  Is that it?  We are seeing God and comparing Him with ourselves, because if so, we have greatly diminished His power and abilities in our lives as we have already done in ours.  We need to free God.  We need to let Him go!  We need to let Him go in the way we see Him and our expectations which we have formulated about Him, which has nothing to do with Him.  He is God.  Simply put.  We must remember He loves us with a love we cannot understand and He will not leave us to wander and wonder.  He knows what is best for us and will bring it about when we are still.  When we begin to decide to trust Him, only then is He able to bring about those things which are to our benefit.

Those deep stirrings you are feeling.  They are from Him.  It’s His message to you to let Him do it.  He wants to do it and more than able to do it.  Don’t let your fears, your misunderstandings, and your doubts cloud what only He can do.  By no means are you alone in this because I am experiencing it today, too.  It’s a battle I fight and recognize I really need to let it go.  Join me in doing so.


When you are in doubt and unsure, rest in this fact: God knows and is certain about you.