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Perhaps there will come a day when you will have to serve in ministry.  When I say, “have to” it means no one else can do it like you because of what you will have to offer.  No one can tell someone who is still, “out there” and feel what they feel except us.  Those counselors who never spent a moment in addiction cannot possibly know what it was we went through.  No school or certificate awarded can give them the experience only we know.  This may be the reason, one of the reasons, why you are where you are today.  This is a mission you have been assigned.

I quickly must advise you, however, your mission will not begin until you are fully prepared to enter into the warfare of bringing someone out.  I thought at one point early in my addiction, I was ready to begin my own mission and now see it has taken me seventeen years to be fully equipped.  This is a war of serious consequences and should we fail we can be swept back into such a time as we know only so well.  God would never require us to go back, “out there” if we haven’t been fully equipped.  Just having a story isn’t enough. Our story must be completed before we can begin initiating the story in someone else.

There will come a time when you may be called to serve, but recognize, you are not serving alone.  God is with you.