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I don’t know why it is but I have this need to provide food for the birds.  This morning, I stepped outside and broke up manageable pieces of bread for them, as well as the two squirrels which have made their shopping where I put out food and started putting out nuts for them.  As I stood there, this morning, because usually I feed them when the sun is up, I listened to their singing in the dark.  Quite a symphony they provide.  It was cold last night and whatever method provided them to stay warm, they are still singing.  They probably can’t see me or know what I am doing but it doesn’t stop their singing because they are hungry and haven’t any clue as to where they will eat today.  They have me to provide for them, today.

When I was, “out there” and didn’t have a clue as to where my next meal would come from, although I couldn’t see Him because of the darkness I lived in, God was providing a meal for me.  My singing was in the form of sounds only He could hear, although never by my throat, but He could hear them nevertheless and it was a pleasant sound to His ears.  He provided for me when I was cold and if there were one or two others with me at the moment, there was enough for them, too.

I have no clue as to how He does it but I know why He does.  He loves me.  If there was no one else to assist me, He makes certain I don’t go without having my needs provided for.  Years ago when I was in recovery ministry, I used to feed a squirrel.  He/she had gotten so used to me they’d eat out of my hand, often climbing my leg and sit on my lap.  The squirrel became comfortable with me and would search me out when it was time to eat.  The same is with God.  When we have become comfortable with Him, we must search Him out and He’ll always be there ready for us to climb into His lap, where we can sit in comfort trusting Him.

We don’t have to sing like birds to get a meal from Him, who is more than ready to provide for all of our needs.