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Perhaps we were like this or knew someone like this or this person is right next to us or is sharing our room, which can’t seem to get with God’s Word.  They’re always arguing, debating or just plain ignoring what it is you’re trying to share with them.  Yet, when it is any other time than when God’s Word is opened and discussed, everything is okay.  Why is this?

We resist what we do not understand or what is reaching inside us and causing us to consider changing what we have been, no matter how much we didn’t like it.  Even in the houses of addiction there is a comfort level we’ve built around us.  This is what made it manageable.  Although we didn’t really want to be, “out there” anymore, it became a comfort because quite frankly, we had nowhere else to go.  At least while we were holding we had the attention and respect of those who didn’t.  But, that’s all changed now, isn’t it?

It’s not easy to change.  We all must at varying levels and when someone is not at the level you are, why did you expect them to be in the first place?  What was given to you is yours.  We must learn this.  What is to be given to others will be theirs, so let them have their time, their experience, and their walk with God to bring them out of the mess we all existed in at one time.

There is Someone Who cares for that person more than you could ever do and is working out their salvation, more than you could possibly know.  Our job?  Prayer, encouragement, love and being an example.


Tenderness for each other AND ourselves is what is needed for the moment.