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You will one day reach a point in your life when you reflect over choices you made, and places you have been, people you interacted with, things you did and wonder, “I did that?”  It will be unbelievable to imagine some of the acts you committed against others, yourself and most importantly against God.  If you took the time to write your story you will see it is easier to write it from the third person because you cannot see yourself ever having really done it.  It’s just amazing!

But you did do those things.  We cannot forget because it is our testimony.  While you were in your worse God was doing His best to reach you and help you to see you needed a Savior.  While your eyes were clouded, His was seeing quite clearly.  When times you couldn’t even speak coherently, His words were coming through loud and clearly.  When you couldn’t feel love and appreciation in your heart, God was holding you close so His presence kept you in contact.  You were never alone, no matter what it was you did.

Today, as you make your way through the hours, try and see others who could use a word or two of comfort.  Who could use a gentle pat on the back, handshake or hug?  Those who could use your insight into overcoming, where you were just a day, week or month ago, need to hear from you.  So, when someone is sharing their story and telling what they had done which kept them on track to clean-living, you might be able to respond, “I did that, too?”

We know what our testimony is, but have you ever thought what is God’s testimony regarding us?