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Nothing else really matters except serving Him.  We spend so much time and effort in searching for wealth when we are involved in life without addiction.  Those of us who suffered addiction know we spend so much time and effort in searching for the next hit.  Either way, what’s the point?  It is at some point we will cease to exist and all the searching we have done comes to an end.  Even as you are beginning, or sustaining, your walk in clean-living, you have to keep this fact in mind:  nothing else really matters except serving Him.

Because you got your mind together and returned to life not broken and healed from addiction, don’t make a pursuit of family, friends, job/career, money, health and shiny things.  Make it fulfilled with the purpose of “serving Him” because otherwise He would not have brought you out without having provided the reason:  serving Him.

I think the highest point one can achieve in his/her life is getting to the point where you are in a clear mind and ask the question:  Okay God, what’s next?  It is when you realize you are nothing, have nothing and cannot amount to anything unless you are desiring to give your all to being and doing what He wants and designed for you to do and be;  and when the day comes, just before you close your eyes for the last time on this Earth, you can reflect and smile and know because of serving Him, you’ll awaken to the true sense of what it has been all about.

Nothing else really matters except being saved and serving Him.