Where is that found?  As much as I have tried to accept it, researched it, I cannot find where it is written in Scripture that God said this, or Jesus, for that matter.  So, for those of you who use it, try to locate it and then get back with me.  The point of the matter is, God DOES NOT love the sinner.  He cannot love anything “WITH” sin.  So, where does that “downright” lie come from?

Now, the closest anyone has ever got to even remotely resembling this is Romans 5:8 where it states:

“But God commendeth His love toward us, in that, while we were yet sinners, Christ died for us.”

But that does not say, “God loves the sinner.”  In fact, He cannot and neither should we.

This post supports a video which is attached.  It, the video, shares the alarming story about what is going on within the Seventh Day Adventist Church.  It is going to reveal how the issue of “Women’s Ordination” has opened the door for any and every sexuality type sin to gain entrance within the church and to find acceptance.  I want it to be recognized, NOW, God does not accept “sin”.  In fact, in the particular sin of homosexuality, it is an abomination to God.

Lev 18:22  “Thou shalt not lie with mankind, as with womankind: it is abomination.”

For the “less” informed, what is an abomination?  It is defined:  “a thing that causes disgust or hatred.”   Now, if God is disgusted and hate it, and I didn’t make this up, why is it some of you believe otherwise?  What makes you so much better than God, more benevolent toward what makes God’s stomach sick if He had one and it is okay for you to be in acceptance of those who practice this type of lifestyle?  I used the word, “practice” and now I will explain exactly what I mean.

When I was born, I was not a drug addict.  I was not a homosexual.  I was normal in every regard, and for those of you who have jokes, let me at least think I was normal!  Later in life, I learned to become a drug addict, just as some of y(our) family and friends “learned” to become homosexual, bi-sexual, queers, lesbians, transgender and whatever else confused sexuality there is.  Now, perhaps due to some unbeknownst effect or affect on my life, I might have had the propensity to become an addict if it was introduced to me in whatever form or manner, just as the sexually confused became whatever they were because they, too, were pre-disposed to this type of behavior and it became a learned activity and we responded in kind.  Again, and I have to reinforce this:  nobody was born an addict or LGBTQ+ person.

Sure, growing up I tried different kinds of drugs since the age of 4:  tobacco, alcohol, pills, marijuana, hashish, acid, cocaine and those are the ones I remember; however, out of all of them it was cocaine which got my interest and I learned to “like” it, and even refined my taste of it for a more potent form called, “crack”, and no matter what else might have been available, if I could get it, crack, then I would use it because it became my, as they say, “drug of choice”.  The same for the LGBTQ+ person.  There is a form of experimentation which takes place.  Just as I had to develop a taste for whatever I liked, had an interest toward because of some internal structure or external exposure, they, too, experimented and found they did not like the opposite sex and preferred the same sex.  Or, they desired younger, or older.  Or, they wanted to be the opposite sex and willing to either appear as they are, or even go so far as to become surgically altered.

And just as they practiced their sin, I practiced mine and we became the best we could be at it.  Now, listen to this, at no time while I was involved in my sin would I ever say God accepted me or loved me as I willingly continued in my sin.  In fact, I had no expectation that my family and friends would accept me, loved me and having this continue living in this way experienced their rejection and distance.  God did the same to me.  It was when I opened myself to His continued reaching out, to me, because He wanted to “change” me and in no uncertain terms made it clear He was the ONLY ONE who could change me, but I had to be in a state of WILLINGNESS to be changed, otherwise He could do nothing for me.

While in my sin I learned and saw, first-hand, how disgusting I was.  I began see what I would do in order to get my drugs.  I saw myself stealing from anyone no matter who they were.  I saw the kind of people I ordinarily would not consider friends become exactly that.  I saw that it didn’t matter the law, I was going to break it.  How I would prostitute myself for it.  How I could forget about normal and decent activities like hygiene would be sacrificed in order to practice my addiction.  The same applies for LGBTQ+.

Then something happened along my way to becoming well.  I accepted God’s help and He began the process of healing.  It was a “process” due to my resisting because it could have easily been instantaneous.  It is what He offered.  That’s a very significant and important point.  I also learned in my overcoming, I had to change my thinking of how I was seen by others and how I saw myself.  I had to begin to listen what was coming out of my mouth and into my ears because this is a very insidious and evil concept which many do not realize.  Now, I have a loving god-daughter who has had to deal with her addiction.  She is/has believed in the lie, and I have witnessed her say, “My addiction”, or “I am an addict”.  Well, perhaps it is good to recognize one for being what they are, but to continually say makes one continually be, and I will NEVER admit to being an addict—anymore.  That battle was won and it was won when I stopped believing the lie, like those false societies: AA, NA & CA would have you to believe.

The same applies to the church, even my own church.  When the lie is told, “We accept you”, or “God loves the sinner but hates the sin”, or “You can love yourself because it is who you are”, and “God made you like this so He loves you,” or, “You don’t have to change because it is who you are”, or “God does not require you to change overnight” or other such nonsense which placates the sinner and makes them feel comfortable and to fit right in.  I can admittedly say, I had/have a friend who is an admitted homosexual who could not handle what I wrote and deleted himself from my friend’s list.  GOOD!  You’re not supposed to feel comfortable around me because I’m not comfortable being around you!  If God hates and is filled with disgust, who am I not to fill hate and disgust, too, for what you do and want to continue doing?  I’m no better than God, but rest assured, WHEN you have chosen and decided what you do is enough and want to change, you will find God and my arms opened wide to receive you.

When we as a people lift standards and hold them high, even for ourselves, then we are lifting people and pointing them in the right direction to the Source of all healing and changing of lives; however, we must remain firm and not drop the standard no matter how close the person is to us.  God wants to see us all saved, but we must desire to be changed in order to be saved, which He will give us everything we need to manage this achievement in our lives, but rest assured if you wish to continue in your life of sin, God will let you do so because you’ve made the choice and not only He will turn His back to you, I will do the same.

April 24, 2017