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I spoke with someone I love dearly and she told me when I asked her how she felt about having to go to prison, because of substance abuse, she said, “Accepting”.  With this word and the tone of her voice, I knew a change was taking place in her life and it would be for the best.

The conclusion of our walk in the world of addictions is, “acceptance” what God has done, is doing and will do.  We cannot grow or go any further than we currently are unless we have accepted God is in control, will have His way and does love us.  He has not left us alone to battle and be hurt.  I assured her I would be doing every day with her, if she would allow me.  I intend to write her and get her involved because I have been where she is going and I understand what it took to get through it.

I, too, accepted where I was and what God needed to do in my life.  Substance abuse is an awful, awful experience and until God grabs you by the back of your neck! Painful?  Yes, but oh so needed because of the more excruciating pain of addiction we become so comfortable with.  We long to die.  God longs to sustain the life He has given us.  He longs to bring to you comforts of this life and fill your life with purpose and hope and a future.  This is His promise to you and for me.

It is so much more comforting to accept God is working for us than against us.