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Today I made a mistake.  One of my old addictions flared up and all the help I needed was made available, but you know addictions, they are so insidious and sometimes will not take “no” for an answer until we put our foot down and crush the head of it.  Well, I allowed the head to go uncrushed for a bit longer than I needed.  One of the clues, this message I had seen today, yes, just today and I read it but ignored it.  Let me cite it for you now:

“It will be easier to keep the temptation at a distance than to suffer it to come near and then be forced to put a knife to our throat.” 

I wanted to write something pertaining to it but I would write ONLY after I would experience the minor setback.  This is so true.  When you are receiving clues, know they are from God and given for your benefit.  If you know you are treading on dangerous grounds, then don’t go.  Turn back because it is much easier to go around than it is to go through it and then wished you hadn’t gone and worse, you didn’t have to do it.  You just didn’t have to.

In order to maintain this Christian walk we’re on and that of clean-living, we must first receive all messages of safety provided; but the key to success is “if” you should have a setback, “get up” immediately!  Don’t wallow in it and continue to be disappointed in yourself.  The sooner you rise the sooner you can be back on track.  I’m thankful my episode of about 20 minutes of loss time and about $25 loss to foolishness will be considered payment for the tuition of continuing education costs always associated with addictions.  We attend a very complex and difficult university of life, but soon and very soon, we will all graduate.

At our school of learning, we don’t receive a cap and gown, instead we receive clean-living and eternal life.