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One of the reasons which keeps me in check and makes me seriously reconsider before ever even trying to sneak, “out there” one more time is an experience I had the last time I did.

I was walking under an overpass, a bridge, and noticed blankets in the uppermost parts of the construction.  It was where people slept.  I have been homeless before but never have I had to “live” in this way.  What’s the reality?  I could be made to do so.  God spoke to me when I was finishing my mess and said, “The next time you do this, you will find your sleeping quarters under a bridge.”  Let me be honest about one thing, I never wanted to learn if I truly heard this message from God or if it were my imagination.  Too many times when I believed God was speaking to me eventually what was said came to fruition.  I know God is never wrong and I was not about to try Him and see if I were wrong.  You see, I would lose in both situations.  If I were wrong, I would be dealing with full-blown addiction again and I certainly didn’t want it.  And if God weren’t wrong, then I’d be sleeping under a bridge courtesy of the Department of Transportation of the State of Georgia.

A bridge’s purpose is to get you from one side to the other safely.  He’s already given me such a bridge in Christ.  He is getting us to God safely.  He’s provided the Holy Spirit to continually point you to Christ.  And, the most fascinating thought I keep in mind is I have a “guardian angel” whose task is to be a bridge protecting me from those things I cannot see.  So, it doesn’t make sense to me to thwart all of these “bridges” and find myself sleeping under one.  If I have to do so one day, let it be due to the economy or because I’m trying to reach a brother or sister or some other reason than it being a penalty of sin.

God has never failed to keep His word regarding us, whether for our detriment which is ultimately for our best, or whether a blessing.