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Unlike Uncle Sam who wants you, too; God wants you and is able to sustain you.

For those of us who know Him growing up as children having had the benefit of church attendance and fellowship with those of like belief, when we have left the fold and find ourselves in places which we never thought possible for anybody never mind ourselves, perhaps like me you have heard God speaking and reaching out to you.  It is then we are made to know we are not alone.  I have heard it said while growing up, “If you go to a particular place your angel stands outside and waits for you because he cannot go in” is foolishness.  Who is more powerful?  Does my angel truly fear the devil and his minions?  I don’t think so.  I think perhaps he “fears” where “I am treading”, and would hope I come out of this okay. God will reach us wherever we are as long as we are reachable.

So, there is prayer to be made in the bar, crackhouse, whorehouse, mental hospital.  If there could be prayer made while attached to a cross, a last hope, then you cannot tell me prayer cannot be made anywhere else.  In fact, this is where God does His best work.  Reaching into those most difficult places to bring His people out.

When I said, “difficult places” for Him to reach, I’m not talking about physical places like a crack den, but into hearts!

God is coming for you.  That’s pretty profound in itself, isn’t it?