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When I shared with my writer-friend my books arrived yesterday, she mentioned I should document my feelings.  I thought to do so in my devotion this morning.

There has not been such a feeling as this.  From a very young age I dreamed of writing a book.  I had a poem published when I was twelve, but this is nothing compared to what I’m feeling right now.  I always knew there was a book inside me but the question comes as with all writers, “what are you going to write”?

What has taken nearly twenty years to accomplish, is accomplished.  When each time I picked up a pen there was wondering if this would really matter?  I know what was told me, by God, to do in 1994, and after many delays and going through other experiences, the task has finally been printed and bound.  “If You Send Me, I Will Go” is a work still in progress.  There are chapters still to be written, and they will, when it is ready for them to be written.  In the meantime, each day I continue to go forward in this warfare against addiction.

You, too, have been given a mission.  It is to tell someone “your” story of how God saved you from this life we know, oh, so well.  No one can tell your story but you.  Whether in writing, speaking or singing, it is all praises to Him who has done a great work.  So, despite the challenges ahead and the disappointments yet not seen, present yourself willing and able to go forward and let God knock down the blocks.  This has never really been about you.  It has always been about Him.

Never let the Enemy put anything in you which will prevent you from doing what God has called you to do.