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My good friend told me yesterday the Enemy was dealing with her.  She feared “rejection”.  She’s a writer, too.  She is on the brink of greatness, but fear failure in achieving her dream.

This will be what you and I will face daily until we come to grips about one thing:  this is where we were operating while, “out there”.  We rejected ourselves and received evidence because of the rejection of family and friends.  They feared us.  Sometimes we were fearful of our own selves, but we powered through those emotions and got the next whatever our addiction drove us toward,  and once we took a hit of it, we were relaxed knowing we achieved our goal and could be so-called happy until it ran out.

I’ve learned and continue to remember this one important lesson:  never say “no” to myself for there are many others who will do this for you.  The fact you didn’t wake up in an abandoned building today shows success.  The fact you have another change of clean clothing shows success.  You will have at least two meals demonstrates success.  You have or will brush your teeth is indicative of success because we didn’t have this, “out there”.  Many of us will never actually experience success in our recovery or vocations because we are afraid of failure and the fear of being rejected.

If God isn’t rejecting you, I suggest you don’t either.

My first book just arrived by FedEx.  Now, I can live a life fearing rejection or I can utilized the marketing skills God has given me and receive the success God has promised to give.