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God is going to win this, with or without us.  Regarding us, He has already won.  Either we will succeed with Him and will continually give praises to Him, or, and this is the big “or”, or we will be lost and others will praise Him because they saw what He did on our behalf and the wonder will be “how could we have stopped when we had everything going for us”?  Each of us has the greater power anyone could ever have working on our behalf—GOD.  And we know God never fails.

It is like the old saying, “If I am going to go to Hell, I’m going to go giving it all I got”.  Well, we were achieving that pretty much the way we were going but God put a roadblock in our path and did an intervention on us, and has made it clear He has other plans for us, which is better and it only requires one thing:  our participation, or willingness.  We need to put forth the effort daily in letting God do what He does best—saving us.

There is something I have never wanted to be said about me:  “Roy just gave up.”  Too many times before I did exactly that but God just wouldn’t hear of it and prevented me from carrying out my plan of suicide those four times.  He stopped me dead cold, to make a pun.  He had a plan for me and I’m now living it every day I have left on this Earth.

Today, I’m praising Him.  You don’t have to wonder, and know…

…God loves us so much He’s chosen us out from that group we associated with and from the path to Hell we were traveling so fast toward.