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Are you having trouble with your progress over addiction?  There is an answer.  There is only “one” answer:  Commitment.

Commitment is defined several ways:  (1) something that takes up time or energy, especially an obligation, (2) devotion or dedication, e.g. to a cause, person, or relationship, (3) a planned arrangement or activity that cannot be avoided, (4) politics: a referral of a bill to a legislative committee for review, (5) law psychiatry: an act of legally confining somebody to prison or a mental health facility, (6) law crime: a written court order confining somebody to prison.

For us, this same “commitment” is answered as:  (1) overcoming takes up time, energy and we must be obligated in doing so, (2) we must be devoted wholeheartedly in overcoming addiction, (3) it has been decided we will do this and we’re not going to avoid it anymore, (4) God has referred His plan for our life, reviewed by God and determined to go through, (5) we are sometimes confined physically to an institution, but it must take place mentally as opposed to physically, (6) the end result if we fail.

You were “committed” to being the best in your addiction in every aspect.  Now, it is time to do the same in this period of your life to overcome it.  If you think in this way, perhaps it would be helpful:  “I am no longer an addict and it is my commitment to maintain these words.”

Nothing works, absolutely, unless you are committed to seeing it through.