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Why do I do it?  Why do I allow myself to become stressed over addictions and the problems associated with it?

I have to keep in mind not all addictions I have ever faced are with me today.  For example, cigarettes.  I believe this one was the worse for me.  It was easy to acquire them, cheap, legal and just about can use them anywhere without the worrying of getting caught.  I didn’t like what they were doing to me so that day, November 27, 1978, I said good-bye to them and I haven’t looked back.  In fact, I can see people smoke, look at them in the store on the shelf and even smell them when passing by and it doesn’t do to me what they used to.  I craved them and had to have it.  Not anymore.  If anyone asks me, “Are you addicted to cigarettes?”  My answer:  “not anymore”.

This is the same I believe can happen with any substance;  and what is paramount for me, and probably for you, too; is we have to remember what we have gotten over in our past.  For many of us, substance abuse will just be the end of a long line of addictions over the years.  Remember how those things were so demanding of your time, effort and resources?  Aren’t you happy they’re behind you today?

Why not believe, right now, in your heart of hearts, the same will happen with (your) substance now.  It can and it will;  but you have to believe and accept the help which is offered to you.

In order to make progress for our future, we must never forget what has been conquered in the past.