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I remember when I attended various places in my period of recovery, if not me, others could quickly find those things wrong with the place:  the food wasn’t good or enough, too cold or hot in the bedroom, too many chores or the wrong one you have to do which you don’t like, etc., etc., etc.

Perhaps the biggest complaint was the staff.  There was always that one nobody cared for and hopefully it was not the director or someone you were in visible contact with daily.  You felt great to be in a place where you could rest from the foolishness of the street, be in contact with God but yet there was an “Aiken” in the camp and you just don’t know what to do about it.  You sometimes want to leave.

Know this, you are secured no matter where you are or who is there.  God has a plan for your life and if this is where He has begun it, you have to change what is going on with you, to realize the value and to reap the benefit.  God is changing you, right now, so your focus should be on Him.  Not on what is the problem.  No matter how corrupt a place might seem or be, God will and is securing His honor with you and through you.  Don’t let outside influences influence you right out the door.  Stay exactly where you are until He says it is time to move forward.

Oh, and what time might that be?  When you’re finished the stated time you agreed to be there.  Not before.

We often place our eyes on those things not worthy of placement.  If God has placed you there, you are worthy of it.