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I heard from a friend today.  He’s not happy.  When the business was sold and I was told I didn’t have a job anymore, he was the one who told me, “If I have anything to do with it, you’re going to be with us.  Don’t go far away.  A phone call is coming.”  Well, I still don’t have a “job” but I’m happy.  He has a job and is sad!

While we are looking out the windows of our places of safety, we long for the day when we can be released and rejoin the world.  If your recovery ministry is for three months, six months, or even for a year, each day brings us closer to the day of our release and takes us further from the day we first arrived, broken and filthy.  We forget about that time.  We are forgetting the pain and suffering we experienced while, “out there” and we shouldn’t.  What is the hurry?

God has a plan for each of us.  Those who think they’re secured often find themselves in the wrong place.  Those of us who have been brought to the places we are now ought to see the tangible benefits we are experiencing.  Right now, are you hungry?  Are you alone and lonely?  Are you cold or wet due to the weather and no place to get out of the elements?  Are you clean and teeth brushed?  Whether it is designed by you or directly the result of others’ involvement, do you have tasks, something productive to do today?  If so, you’ve got it pretty good.

Just as you might have found a rock and you were content for the moment before it vanished into thin air, why not be even more content of the true “Rock” which never vanishes.

I read once, “God is not concerned about our comfort as much as He is concerned about our salvation.”