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There’s a song I learned in my childhood and a lyric is, “It only takes a spark, to get a fire going…”  I’ve come to realize it is the same with a thought.  Our clean-living is a direct result of having a thought of being able to do better.  Then, the thought became, “I can do better”.  This then grew into, “I will do better”,  and ultimately, it is the hope of others who love you, when you have this lasting thought, “How can I do better?”

I purchased a book more than thirty years ago entitled, “When God First Thought of You” by Eric Butterworth.  I’m not sure I ever read it but the title has stuck in my mind all these years.  It also became the basis of my belief of overcoming addiction and developing the “thought”: I want to be at the place in my life when God first thought of me.  His thoughts were good about me.

Now, it is my opportunity to have good thoughts about me, too.  I want what God wants for me and the only one stopping it from happening is—me!  I don’t want “me” to get in the way of what God wants for me.  So, from this point on, I think I will have good “thoughts” since this is the beginning of all good things. 


“I am not an addict” is a thought which has so much power.  Say it, believe it and live it. To think and say otherwise is…