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Yesterday my friend gave me information which helped to resolve a problem inputting documentation easier when updating my website.  I asked her, “but you hadn’t shown me this before and it makes me afraid of what else you are not telling me.”  She responded, “I didn’t want you to be overwhelmed.”

Two things are implied:

  1. She knows me well, and
  2. This project requires moving gradually. 

It’s the same with God and our clean-living after addiction.  God knows us so well He limits what He gives us because He doesn’t want us to be overwhelmed as we proceed in this life.  Too much success hurries on failure.  Interesting, but true!  Think about it.  No one can admit truthfully they haven’t fallen back in some way or other in overcoming addiction.  This has made us stronger so eventually falling backward is seen for what it is, foolish and unnecessary, when we have finally made it over the pinnacle.  So “failure” is broken into smaller chunks which can be handled differently and in an educational method, which will produce positive results, which will further the goal of clean-living.

Ironic but so true, someone who has never experienced failure has never experienced true success!

What the Enemy cannot seem to understand is, he’s involved in my salvation.