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Yesterday I mentioned about the responsibility of those who are behind us.  It is so important a topic I wanted to address it again and will probably do so later in the coming months.  I cannot say it any better than this quote from the 18th century Bible commentator, Matthew Henry: 

“When God has remarkably delivered us from the deaths wherewith we were surrounded we must look upon it that for this end, among others, we were spared, that we might glorify God and edify others by making a penitent acknowledgment of our sins. Those that by their afflictions are brought to this are then made to know that God is the Lord and may help to bring others to the knowledge of Him. See how God brings good out of evil.”

Today, I sought to relive an old temptation.  I went out of my way to make a connection and when sharing with this person, they asked me a question:  “When you try to reach others about God, do you share with them what you’re attempting to do?”  That nailed it!  How can I be so determined to reach others if my testimony is weak?  It is not they will see right through what I am doing but I will not have God’s blessing and power to attend my work.  His work!  Unless it can be done with clearness of mind and intention and with the goal of reaching that woman or man, to be used properly by God, then forget it.  You’re wasting time.

To keep on the path of right, one must be right on the path.