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Yesterday I made a phone call to the Teen Challenge facility called “The Farm” and spoke with a graduate student now staff member.  We had a good chat, me reminiscing because he was now in the same position when I was a staff member, having graduated in 1994, and he, going through the struggle of wondering what was before him.  When we hung up I realized something:  all of us have an awesome responsibility to those who are following.

We followed many before us into this life of insanity.  We learned the best dope houses, the best dealers and users to party with.  We learned the best ways of escape should law enforcement came a-knockin’ and we also learned the pain.  Oh, we know the pain so well.  As a direct result of our being blessed, to have come from all of this, we now have the responsibility to reach back and bring up to speed those who are following behind us and lead them to where we’re headed:  a life of happiness, clean-living and freedom from addiction.  It is such an awesome responsibility.  In the secular setting they’re pretty big on having sponsors.  We, those of us who have been blessed to have a Christian setting, recognize there is only one Sponsor—Jesus.  We must continually focus our brothers and sisters in the battle to Him in order to remain free from the torment we’ve lived.  Just because we are in recovery doesn’t mean we’ve recovered.  You know this.  The real battle is fought when we’ve returned to the battlefield.  It’s a bit more intense outside the barracks.

When an opportunity presents itself to share, it now becomes a responsibility.