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So the city stops.  There will be no school today.  Many jobs will have delayed start times.  Even the weather reported if you don’t have to go out until Noon, stay indoors.  The sun is out.  It’s currently between 23 and 26 degrees depending on which thermometer I use, and I can see through a window there’s a wind blowing.  It’s cold and it’s icy, “out there”.  One can slip and fall.

Due to having slipped and fallen is what kept me, “out there”.  Because I slipped from the life I once thought important and valued, I fell into a life of addiction.  The weather, “out there” actually worked to my benefit because it meant I would have to worry less about any law enforcement agent tracking my moves.  This was weather I had no trouble operating in.  There was no way I would or could wait until Noon to do the work I had foremost in my mind, acquiring and using.  No, the weather was not a factor in our lives, was it?

Remember this.  Remember when you are well enough to return to the world as a sensible citizen what it took to get that high going.  Remember the chances you took, no matter how insensible it was, but you had to get yours.  Now, it’s time to use that same “craziness” and make it into something positive.  Use the same strength, courage and determination and get well.  It just may be required one day you will have to walk into that craziness, once more, to pull somebody out, just as you have been pulled out.

If we would just take the same amount of energy we used in our addiction to get well, we’d never suffer again.