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Whether it was through the prayers of family members, church family or your own, God has answered those prayers because of where you are today.  Whether it is prison, hospital, a recovery ministry, or mental institution, at least you are not in the grave.  While we are learning to “come to our right mind”, we are going to find ourselves being a bit uncomfortable especially when our personality becomes affected.  We’re not going to like being told what to do, when to do it or where to go.  We’re simply not.  Very quickly we’re going to forget how it was, “out there” and what precipitated our prayer for help in the first place. WE WERE IN PAIN.  But today, our focus is on the so-called pain we’re experiencing right now while we are in the process of recovery.  What is really the problem?  Make the comparison.  Did you have so much freedom in your substance abuse you could not really see how your liberty was non-existent?

One of the blessings of God is getting us to where He has us right now; and one of the miracles He will do, if you let Him, is to allow Him to put within us the frame of mind to continue working with Him in our progress.  He will do this.  He has already worked out a plan for our life and it will take time, patience and willingness on your part to make this work.  Those same persons who prayed for you before are now praying “with you” to achieve the goal believed possible in your life.  There’s no doubt in God’s ability to bring you to a recovered state, just a slight doubt in your ability to want it as much as wanted by others for you.  But you have to want it.

Will you do it today?

You are a modern day miracle.  Where you woke up this morning demonstrates His love for you and His continuing desire to see you do well.