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There are many transgressions in one sin. If we would consider the sin of addiction, we’d have to think the act is tantamount to breaking God’s Law. However, there are many “transgressions” we create which leads to that one big one, picking up. It begins with a thought. Now, we’re not responsible for the temptation which is initiated by the enemy, but we are responsible for the thought which gives the temptation power to begin rule over us. Then it is the planning of the sin. How are we going to accomplish what we want without getting caught? Then it is the actual moving toward the sinful act. We steal from others and ourselves by taking money, even if it is our own earned money, it could have been going toward a better purpose than the one you now have in your mind.

Get my point? Transgressions are committed, one by one, until finally you are at the point of seclusion and committing the act. Each of those transgressions, let’s call them “little sins” led to the one now you’re doing and soon will feel shame, guilt, remorse and disgust. If we could just get past those transgressions and the actual committing of the act, and consider the after effects, I believe we can make much progress in our life in staying clean. I know, I do it. I think about the pain I will experience. I think of the shame, the hiding, lying, stealing, and—it’s not worth it. No matter my experience now, it is certainly much better than what I will have to go through later by committing the sin.

So, when the temptation occurs in your mind, fast forward to what is the end result. Oh, did I mention death?

The one thing you can count on is this: If you don’t do it, then you don’t have a whole lot of worrying to do later.