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Don’t stress.  You have put into place a plan, goals to achieve and then all of a sudden you get hit with a period where you cannot do anything to forward your purposes.  Whatever it may be, bad emotional upheaval, disappointment, tiredness, lack of energy or just plain procrastination, it will end and when it does, get back to working your life goals.  Don’t allow a period of inactivity to define you.  It is a period of time which passes.  Let it pass and then rejoin whatever it is which is important to you.

Too many of us have thought this period of time is when we think we haven’t what it takes to go forward.  We think of it as a sign to quit.  What were we thinking this would have been possible?  I’m glad I haven’t spent too much energy already.  But look what good has occurred in whatever time you did spend.  It was a dream.  Dreams do come true, but they have to be acted upon.  So, don’t allow this time to cause you to quit.  We have overcome some habits others will never understand so there is fire in us which cannot be quenched “if” we don’t let it.  If you’ve ever burned coal or wood, you know there are periods when it needs to be stoked.  Stoke yourself.  It’s time to get a flame a-burnin’ again.

When you take a break, that’s all it is.

Do not let the break break you.