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At some point in our experience, we come across those leaders God has placed before us to show us our way back to Him, in order to reach sobriety.  There a love affair begins with a desire in wanting to be like them.  We want to have what they have knowing where they came from, the streets just as we did.  They seem to have it all together, again, and from this we have hope for ourselves.  However, what we fail to understand, it wasn’t easy for them either.

What did they have to give up?  We think if we could just stop shooting, snorting, or smoking, we’d be okay.  But the truth of the matter is, that’s not it.  We lived a life of no discipline.  Along this road we traveled, we forgot how to be responsible and live like ordinary people.  We breached our own normal standards of life and created additional issues besides the major one we’re fighting today.  Those leaders struggled, and perhaps still do, with other areas in their life which came about due to their own history of substance abuse.

So, when you look at them today, realize we are all in this battle still—together.  There are straggling problems which are being overcome but haven’t found their conclusion just yet.  So, give them a break and see them as being up the street a little ways from where you are.  The fact you can still see them proves they haven’t made it into the Kingdom.  We’re all striving but reach back to give a hand to someone who’s just a little bit behind you.

It takes those who have walked in the path, to direct those how to get a little further.