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Ever wonder what God is doing to your life?  I do.  There are so many pieces which finally seem to be coming together.  Why did God have an uncle suggest forty years ago to take typing classes in school?  It certainly has been a lot easier to write with the skill of typing.  Why did God tell me to move to Atlanta, just as I was finishing the writing of a book?  I met a person who is involved in self-publishing, which bypasses all the aggravation of having a major publishing company agree to publish your work after they tear down the value of it.  You keep control.  Why did God send me to Washington, DC thirty-five years ago where I would meet the newscaster today who would be the catalyst for local exposure?  Why did I meet a young man yesterday, while taking a walk and he’s involved in a national cable channel which could be the catalyst of national exposure.  Why did God take me through drug addiction so I could have a story to tell?

It’s simply amazing how everything in your life has a purpose.  It is not by chance these things happened and are happening to you.  It is not by chance you are where you are right now.  God has a purpose for your life no matter how messed up it might seem at the moment.  You are in a valley today but that valley doesn’t extend forever.  No valleys do, well, unless you have decided to remain where you are today.  But if you do, know this was not God’s plan for you.  He has given you so much more.  Take it.  I intend to do so.

No one less than the great God we serve, could have taken the broken pieces of our lives and make such a wonderful person we are today.