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…There can be no disappointments.  My friends are accustomed to hearing this saying from me because I have made it a fact of my life.  Very seldom am I disappointed, by others, because I don’t have any expectations of them.  Our relationship with God is almost along the same concept.  I used to pray, “Lord, forgive me for frustrating Your plan for me.”  Then I realized, I was seeing God as I saw myself!  God cannot and is not disappointed in us because He has known all along what we would do or not do.  It is us, who can only be disappointed in ourselves and this we should not let be the overriding factor of how we live our lives.  If so, we will become depressed, giving up and you know what the end result of this will be.

Know God loves you.  Unconditionally.  He has given you all you need to make you into the person He wants you to be.  So what if you’ve taken a detour which has brought you along this way, but the fact of the matter is, He can and will have the end objective—your salvation, IF, and I repeat emphatically, IF, you want it.  You will hear people say, “I’m striving to be in the Kingdom.”  I see it differently.  I’m striving to “stay” in the Kingdom because God has assured me a place already!

When you have fallen, get up!  When you are feeling low, shake it off!  When you are disappointed, know it was for a reason!  Don’t allow yourself to remain in this frame of mind.  God thinks better of you and know what you will do.  You just got to get with the program already designed and determined for you.  Now, move along.

You are exactly where you’re supposed to be, right now, and at this very moment!

You can’t do any better than that!