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I am designing the cover for my book, “If You Send Me, I Will Go” and I have to go back, “out there” for just a moment in order to photograph the “Hood” to demonstrate leaving a life of grace and where one ends up.  Also, I need to photograph a “stem”.  I looked for online stock photos, but did not find what I wanted.  I will have to spend the night away, next week, and it just might be where I’ve come from, the streets.  There is queasiness in my stomach about these matters but I’ve come to realize in this experience:  I can do it and God is requiring me to do it.

When you’ve come clean, God will often send you back to give someone what was given to you.  You are His witness He is able to salvage lives but they, those still, “out there”, won’t know it unless you tell them.  They have to be able to see, touch and speak with those who know what it is they’re going through on a daily basis.  Your hand will be the Hand of God they’ll touch, that will lift them up and start them, too, on the same road of life you’re experiencing today.

Can you do it?  Will you do it?  I’ve committed my life to doing so.  So, “Going Back” is not a test of some sort.  It’s the experience I have to undergo to meet you or someone like us who needs us to go get them.  Going back doesn’t mean, “Going Back”.  It really means confirmation of now it’s time to “Go Forward”.

Going backwards means having to go through the mess you’ve already went through, and then it means having to go through it, once again, to be where you are today.

Why not just stay where you are today, since this is where you’ll end up anyway?