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Today I had a breakthrough.  I’ve come to understand no matter how dim life may appear at present, I’m exactly where God wants me to be.  Right here and right now.  I have made some very bad choices, but I have a God who’s never failed to make the right choices, about me.  I may not think I am where I should be in life regarding family, friends, career, housing and finances, but because God has never failed in making the best choice for me, I am where He wants me to be, right here and right now.

Today, I have eaten or will eat.  Today I will be warm and can stay warm.  Today I have a purpose.  I’m not sure where God will take me but the one thing I can be assured, I don’t have to worry about God’s choice regarding me.  I will ALWAYS be exactly where He wants me to be, right here and right now.

If we just sit down long enough and see how He has interwoven our life with that of others and opportunities, we will be able to see how He has been with us every step of the way.  What we have now is better than any theoretical knowledge gotten from some university of higher learning.  It’s not about substance addiction.  It’s about salvation.

God is saving me, right here and right now, so I can continue to be with Him for eternity.  And He’s doing it by the choices He makes for me, right here and right now.

Let God do His perfect work in our lives, without our efforts, to perfect what only He can do.